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An artesian spring and artesian wells supply our facility with a constant flow of pure fresh water. The water remains a constant 60° Fahrenheit regardless of external weather conditions and air temperatures, which provides our fish with the optimal conditions to continue to grow and thrive year-round. 
Our clean, pathogen-free water supply means that we have never utilized antibiotics or chemicals in the rearing of our fish.


Health and quality are our foremost priorities when it comes to raising trout. Our fish have been annually certified as disease-free by independent laboratories since we began operation.  
We sell trout ranging in size from 1/3 of a pound all the way up to trophy size fish of 3.0 lbs to 6.0 lbs and larger.  
We raise primarily Triploid (sterile) Rainbow Trout, which limits the impact on native populations when planted in bodies of water.


We have multiple delivery trucks that are equipped to deliver live fish in amounts ranging from 500lbs to 5,000lbs. The trucks carry compartmentalized tanks which allow for us to separate orders and fulfill multiple deliveries in a single load. 

We regularly make deliveries of live fish to water bodies throughout Oregon, California and Nevada. In the past, we have delivered fish into Idaho and Utah as well. 


Desert Springs Trout Farm is a private hatchery that has been under the same ownership and management for 24 years.
Quality has always been paramount in our business philosophy; whether the fish are destined for the food market or the sportsman.

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